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Embedded Systems Development

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What we do:

AHV Systems develops industrial strength embedded computer systems and related technology components for industrial and commercial applications, and we provide various levels of embedded system development support, from concept development to manufacturing support, from software development to circuit board (PCB) layout.

How much do system crashes cost your end customers?

Our goal is to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions to our customers. We carefully evaluate our customer's needs, then we provide off-the-shelf or customized solutions. Thousands of systems we've worked on are deployed all over the world, running continuously in industrial environments for years. The end use of these products includes anything from wastewater treatment to nuclear power plants.

Troubled Project?

Is your project in trouble? Have you been finding stability problems with your new prototypes? Does the issues list seem to be getting longer while the end date keeps gets pushed further out? Every project begins with excitement and enthusiasm, and every project has issues which crop up along the way, but sometimes the problems run deeper. Failing projects can cripple even the largest companies by sapping valuable resources while delaying new product introduction. If you think your project is in trouble, get a second opinion! If it involves embedded systems, contact us and let us review your project.

What is an embedded system?

Any computer which is built for a specific purpose could be called an embedded computer system. Embedded computer systems are the "brain" of many everyday products, from microwave ovens to car engines. Often embedded systems hardware is custom built for a particular application.

We're experienced with many facets of embedded systems development, including: